Yes, I can hear what some here are saying that people should not judge Clapton by his past mistakes. Yes, if he has genuinely expressed remorse and his subsequent actions have shown him in a different light, then we should reassess our opinions of him. It appears that this is the case. Saying this, I wonder how many here are British? One needs to contextualise Clapton's statement. Did he do anything to support anti-racist groups in the United Kingdom? Clapton expressed those words at the height of the National Front/English Defence League movement in the U.K. Think about all the blighted lives scoured by these movements. Has he commented on the recent resurgence of racism in England? It is easier to attack those who are vulnerable and in the minority. Funny, yesterday, I discussed the Smiths' music and how Morrissey's current political views have tainted my enjoyment of their music. I find it difficult because I still enjoy some of the songs. The music media has done its best to try and defend Morrissey by trying to portray him as an eccentric. These same people will claim to resent the extreme right.

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