Worshipping The Doctrine of Greed

2 min readAug 4, 2022
Photo by the Author

Why are we going down this road again? What madness possesses the mind of these men? How can their minds think of such unimaginable things — to throw the world into chaos?

Have they learnt nothing from history and tried to extrapolate their ideas to the end? So you have gained power. What then? Will you get together with all the other tyrants to make this work?

You pray on the people’s insecurity, promising unobtainable things. It can only end in conflict and pain. What do the media barons hope to achieve? It is madness because the ultimate end will be their demise. They are so drunk and deluded by power that they cannot see the errors of their ways.

Human wants will never be satisfied. Eventually, they will get tired of being enslaved and turn against you. Are the people so deluded that they cannot see through your lies? They all want but are not prepared to pay the price.

We see the rise of the Right and its demigods. These demigods are the very same that covet wealth. They will seek others to blame, the migrants, the poor, you, the academics. They will burn books to promote their narrative. All these are based on hate rather than love.

People, I cry. I cannot believe that you cannot see through them. They want to maintain their status, but the Earth has finite resources. So they are pitting all others against each other, brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, others against others, and mothers against their sons and daughters.

Do we need companies maintaining such substantial profit margins on their goods? Who benefits from these vast margins? What if they made less profit? Their profits are increasing, yet you are getting poorer. You aspire to the plastic life, the Kardashians of this world. There is much more that is more profound out there. We are so lost in the doctrine of greed that we cannot see other ways of living.




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