What does it mean to be human?

© Photo by Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

What does it mean to dehumanise another, to strip them of that you defined as human, to show no empathy towards those you designated as the other?

To justify slavery, you had to dehumanise a people. They, you hang from the poplar tree: the strange fruits rotting from the laden branches. You treated them worse than your animals, called them savages, yet you erase the lives of the others. Who therefore is the human? What is it you define as being human? To have a goal and purpose in life, that which you deny to another.

You resorted to science to prove your hypothesis, created new domains of knowledge:

phrenology, formulated taxonomies based on skin colour:

at one end of the spectrum:

white = good,

bad = black.

Racism was born out of slavery created by your desire to prove that they were not deserving of empathy : souls destroyed.

Like sardines in tin cans, you shipped them across the ocean to distant shores. You mixed people of different cultures so that they could not communicate, disarmed of identity and humanity you erased their souls, a strategy created to protect your investment. They slept in their excrements, washed with seawater to cleanse the filth.

© Photo by jbolden030170

Beware of statistics: biased data (gives you biased output). One cannot question the data; the 12.5 million you transported across the Atlantic, in addition to the countless millions discarded at sea. Your cargo had monetary value: a shipment you had to protect, hence the inventory control, and insurance placed on your goods.

At Kew, I see you seeking to trace your ancestry, I guess you are hoping that you have descended from Kings and Queens, and Heroes of just conflicts. In this same place, in these same archives, is the data on your ancestors inhumanity, though, I doubt your eyes will ever cast light on these texts.

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