Heroes Battling an Invisible Enemy

© Photo by Guiherme Cunha on Unsplash

Still the financial compensation has nullified the anguish. They pretend to care. It is not far to leave the comfort of their homes to cheer. Do they ask themselves what has bought them here, of their heroes being send into battle without amour to fight this invisible enemy. Alas, it was not the virus that starved you of those resources. It was not the virus that heralded those preceding years of austerity. It is so easy to forget, wrapped in the veil of nostalgia.

You see him as a hero that sacrificed a promise to save you, years of bountiful harvest, never mind that it was his incompetence that bought us to this place. You see him as providing you with the space that enabled you to maintain your sanity. As, always, we look at symptoms and not the causes. These great act of chivalry, he speaks as if he is a great orator but comes across as a pastiche of ghosts from the past, someone craving greatness. He speaks of war, about wrestling the beastly enemy to the ground. He pronounces that we are defeating it. It, I ask you, does it possess a consciousness? The seeds of this narrative has long been sown, after all. we played no part in this event; the beastly virus, came from nowhere and invaded or consciousness. And so, they prepare the foundations for the return to normality: the unquestioning truth. As in their wars of the past, this story will live long into the nights. It will be blamed for the ills that will befall us. After this great battle, we will need to rebuild our kingdom; the torrent of rhetoric will flow; this will require great fortitude on our part, we are all in this together, and it will require sacrifices on all our parts.

We came from a culture of having something for nothing; the rhetoric: of having your cake and eating it. Now, we have made this big sacrifice, who we ask, will pay the bill, or are we will still harboring for something from nothing? Alas, there is this other enemy to slay. The one that will, in the future, burden us with toil. We will no doubt find ‘others’ to blame for the pain that will bear upon us.

And, so you believe that nothing happens that isn’t preordained. The ad men, the behaviural psychologists are all weaving the words. They are busy constructing the future. Yet, you believe in freedom and the concept of free will, of an organically evolving reality. Will they shed their finery, and privileges, alas not, for everything that is being done now is being done to maintain the status quo.

The quangos gather, those of uniform mind and vision. See them on the conference circuit. They know each other well, call each other by their first name. These jolly fellows that gather around tables to sumptuous buffets and banquets. The rules of behaviours have long been cast.

The preceding years the conversations was all about diversity – minds know no colour. You present them with a breath of ethnicities: those who aspire to your position and status. They who have fallowed the path which you have assigned to acquire your status, this cult of cultural hegemony.

You pulled all the Mechanism and levers to maintain the status quo. We needed nostalgia to help us escape, nostalgia for a world that exist for only the few. Building fiction upon fiction.

The machinery of the factories were pulled into gear, mechanisms and levers employed to communicate to the masses. The voice of nation put on its apron and started to gorge the people with nostalgia and happy talk. We have to do our best to mask over the reality. Heaven forbid that they be allow the space to think.

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