So bittersweet the Guinness,

the nectar from your sweet kiss.

I waited so long for the smooth thick liquid to lubricate the dry walls of my throat.

The creamy head sticks to the top of my lips.

And you sat, relaxed.

in front of an open fire

and I savoured the taste: the sharp knife cutting my palette.

Still, I desired more: your soft skin.

Remembering — the smooth translucent alabaster sheath of your scrotum sliding in and out of my mouth — you lying in an exposed white aluminium bathtub on a grey stone tiled floor, in the middle of a dimly, candlelit room. And although it was cold, I could feel the heat from the hammer hitting against the red hot metal.

Beneath, I saw the emerald veins: the fabled rivers of the green isle flows: from which an alluring alien creature emerges.

As beautiful as life,

vessels channelling blood.

Overcome by the pang of hunger I devoured and slurped.

Strobe lights flash images in my head.

The plump purple plum fills my mouth and slides out.

My tongue glides down your smooth translucent thighs, valves opened wide, residue: a sticky silver trail points to and lubricates the path for my tongue.

Forage, I search for sensual highs.

I am lost in the mist,

dead trees protrude from the layer of haze hovering between the land and sky.

I smell the moss as I walk over the peat.

My feet sink into the damp, soggy soil.

I feel the dead twigs grasp the soft flesh of the sole of my feet. They leave impressions on my skin. Still, I feel no fear. I move ahead with resolve.

To feel alive: the dark brown brine seeps between my toes.

I gasp for air, my sinuses enveloped in the scent of your musk. My mouth salivates.

The arms of the Milky Way ascend in a silver blue steel sky.

I taste the salinity from within.

I have no need for a compass,

I move with only one destination fleshed out: to project the inside out.

Let the dam burst and water to gush over me.

Blessed in this beautiful curse,

I stand muddied and bloodied.

So is life: read another chapter of seduction’s lies

in a land where the streams sing.

The siren’s calls to seduce the willing accomplice, wishing and dreaming of pleasurable things, I gladly succumb.

Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)

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