To the writer who wrote that as an African, it took Beyoncé to enlighten you on ‘African culture’. My immediate thought is why?

Africa is a continent with diverse cultures. The idea that because we are black that all black cultures belong to us is lamentable.

If you were to analyse the history of slavery and blacks’ dehumanisation, you would find that this is what the colonists try to do, erase blacks of culture and cultural differentiation.

If one thinks about it, to annunciate that cultural differences exist between different groups of blacks would be to admit that culture is characteristic of blacks.

Without culture, you cannot be human. One method of achieving this is to treat Africa as one homogenous mass, one devoid of cultural diversity. Your criticism of the writer stems from your reverence to Beyonce. I love Beyoncé’s music, from the time she was with Destiny Child to the present. However, no artist is infallible or would not open themselves to critical evaluation.

The writer puts forward rounded arguments. Yes, you can agree or disagree with it. My curiosity and experiences led me to investigate the story of slavery in the Caribbean. I did not need a cultural icon to start this journey.

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