To the Gate Keepers

2 min readMay 8, 2022
Photo by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash

My knowledge is yours to take and appropriate. The Blackman can never exceed the white man’s * dreams, for whatever he has acquired you believe stems from you; therefore, you decree it does not belong to him. You have the intellectual rights to his mind. But, alas, this is the price he pays for your kind introducing him to ‘civilisation’.

I should not attempt to exceed your expectations of me. I should know my place, you being the narrator of history. And so you plunder and decimate our hearts and minds.

You expect me not to feel hate despite blatant physical and emotional acts of coercion; this word, hate, you label as being symbolic of a negative trait, especially when delineated by my kind. Need I remind you of the thugs on Capitol Hill, January 2021, or your players on the cricket fields and spectators in the football stands.

You label me mad if I tell you of my discontentment. A Blackman cannot express love or hate. I should embrace your world of pretence: you pretending to understand being biased and embracing diversity. It is thus all a travesty.

You have continuously appropriated our knowledge, yet you see us as lesser beings. You need us to conform to your paradigm of understanding. Everyday day I live takes courage. I stand a testament to this age.

We cannot be seen as innovators because, alas, you deem that we cannot see beyond your dreams. You appropriate our art and turn it into monetary gains whilst we remain the same — the arrogance of your ideals of superiority.

You seldom reward a Blackman for his hard work. How dare he seek to learn. Instead, you trivialise his achievements, demean him and put the ‘boy’ in his place.

You even punished me when I refuse to accede to your demands.
A black man should never exceed a white man. At university, you deliberately tried to sabotage my acquisition of knowledge. Even when I overcame the barriers you placed before me. You took credit for my achievements. Your words: “we should not help a fucking black queer”.

I stand in rage at your blatant acts of mental and physical aggression, and to you, I say (**** ***). Here, I appropriate the significance of your words. You equate (*******)as being a negative trait. For, in this action, we procreate when your ultimate aim is the decimation of my kind. Through your actions and words, you desire to make us impotent.

You equate this word as being and act of savagery; I guess that here we are all the same. We engage in acts of violence to procreate.

*I use the term ‘white man’ to refer to those who practice, excuse, and deny ‘white privilege’.


Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)