The Robin’s Song

© Photo by Ruyan Ayten on Unsplash.

Living in a sepia monochrome world -

I make jelly, don’t you know?

In my cold room, at the far end, in front of the window.

A large television dominates.

It is my portal to the outside world.

Inside, the daylight filters through the dirty laced curtains.

Across the garden, the view is dominated by the grey backs of the tenements.

Switching off the television, I sneak under the blanket with only my nose poking out.

I fall asleep with the thought of the treat that awaits me in the morning.

Come the dawn — my paraffin flavoured jelly has set and awaits me.

Proceeding to the window, the bright fluorescent colour of the jelly clashes

with the grey brick walls of the tenements — the view outside my window.

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