The Revisionist History

The revisionist history: They told me that this was going to be the third world war, ‘She’ they compared to Hitler. They, who have decimated our industries: those Germans. Those that will not accept that their own kind, or themselves can inflict harm on each other. And, so they swallowed the lies to protect their self-esteem. Dreaming of Utopia: they build glass citadels. Social deprivation trauma produces collective amnesia . History: this story has told them that they are the chosen ones. They who are not capable of shedding light even in the glare of the sun. So, every year they sing this song of hope and glory: grandeur achieved at no cost to others. For they bought forth civilisation to the world. In a world where great battles were fought by gentlemen, wars gave rise to heroes and heroic proses. They take pride in their righteous selves. The Pathos

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