The Prevailing Storm

1 min readApr 3, 2021
Photo by Peyton Morris on Unsplash

The prevailing storm has swollen the river waters. The water erosion of the soil has uprooted many trees.
Carried by the fast-moving current, the wreckage moves downstream,
Some clash against each other, fracture and break. Others tumble and are momentarily caught in the scree. Alas, they, too, are carried away by the torrent. The few remaining in the water will eventually flounder because they have no soil to anchor their roots.

The river these days appear to be permanently swollen; this, it seems, has become the norm.
Some say that the climate has changed.
But, it appears to have always been that way.
The torrent contains the debris of those that have lost their way or have floundered under the buffeting winds and rain.
There are young and old trees in the raging floodwater
and even some ancient ones — that have survived past storms.
Some of the trees in the water appear solid and sturdy, but — inevitably, they too are sweep away with the other debris.


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