The King of Scotland

I thought banana republics only resided in the tropics?

Politicians believing that they are above the law.

But, I guess his blond hair and white skin excuses him. For, they represent the zenith of your ideals: your superior selves, as perceived.

Let us call him the king of England, in tribute to the one who called himself the king of Scotland.

You hear of the most heinous crimes and you automatically paint it black.

Believing that your kind are incapable of such things and when your fears are confirmed you exponentially magnify your emotional response.

Your voice shouts — louder than an atomic bomb.

You believe in those who forcefully imposes their will, seeing it as a sign of strength.

You have learnt nothing from history, in fact you show history to be a lie. The sacrifice was no moral crusade, more an act of self preservation.

For years you were told that the pot was empty

Yet, today you sell your soul to the lies of history, in the tropics they sell theirs for bottles of rum.

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