The Joys of Summertime

© Photo by Anizza from

Summer is here…all the beautiful boys contemplating time,

face shining like a new dime,

onyx, blushed bronzed, peach bodies: sun-kissed.

My heart has just been crushed.

Skin to melt ice cream and the temperature is rising:

80 degrees in the shade.

Straight legs, bow legs, flat and washed board stomachs: the sculptures’ dream.

Slush puppies and I am waiting for the sugar rush.

Butterflies wings scream summer’s joys:

the ladies dressed in big printed floral dresses:

A Puerto Rican Princess and West Side Story

comes to mind, I see her dancing to the Zook.

The sunlight dances on the water and sparkles

…images to ignite the poet’s imagination. Ahh, to dream of the happiness triggered by the rays of the sun pinching the skin.

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