The Hummingbird Song

© Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

The hibiscus reflects a serene soft light.
The hummingbird flies restlessly — hovering for the briefest moment.
Wings shearing, modulating the air — creating a vibrating sawing sound.
The sunshine shines this morn in unison, creates a sanguine atmosphere out of which the static crackles.
Sunlight scatters off the feathers, reflecting a multitude of pearlescence sheens.
The hummingbird continues on its quest — darting from one flower to another.
Its beak probing, tasting the sweet nectar released from the stamens.
The two mutually satisfies each other’s desires.
My lips planted unto yours, salivating tongues moving restlessly, as we gulp and swallow our desires. The streetlight reflects off the pearl droplets on our chest: the sweet nectar of our souls.

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