The Blackbird Sings.

©Photo by Šárka Krñávková on Unsplash

Gather the light, the wind, the colours: the instruments of nature’s orchestra. Herald the dawn, the excited molecules dance to nature’s call. The day is beginning, and we are awakening from dreams.

The blackbird fuses with the atmosphere’s electric charge — composed through the night, it recalls the songs of our hearts and the colour palettes of our dreams.

The blackbird summons the melody and starts to sing nature’s songs.

Blackbird, blackbird, sings the songs: the melodies that are so pure and true. What joyous musings we have composed, for, I have found my man and the two of us are in the nucleus of the sun: reverberating in harmony with nature’s strings.

The blackbird sings our songs — the melodies composed from the oscillations of our heart.

The sun is shining — it’s a perfect sky. The dawning of this day, may it be forever this way, for this is what our souls exalt.

Sing, blackbird, sing your song that summons our joy, for, we are intoxicated in a fever, delirious in the raptures that transported us to sensual highs.

Today, this day, I and my man embrace the joy of nature’s dance. New life, new day, for it’s a beautiful thing this morn brings.

Blackbird, sing your joyous songs a serenade to the green lime tartness that stings and make us feel the zest of life.

Our hearts are in sync — it mirrors the joy you feel from the dawning of this new day.

Hark! In our hearts, the melody plays. Blackbird, sing; sing our songs of joy.

Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)

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