The Black Panther movies' positives are its incredible scenery, cinematography, costumes, and design aesthetic that draws on African heritage and cultures.

The negatives of the movie are the central themes of the story. The Black Diaspora treated as the deranged angry Blackman. They have been so traumatised by hate that they cannot see that technology will foster acceptance between whites and blacks. Well, let's ignore developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We create this fictitious African country isolated from the influence of colonialism, yet this isolation has imbued them with impartiality and superior morals. They can dictate to the diaspora how to live and overcome the hatred and suffering inflicted on them.

I had African friends telling me that they loved Black Panther because they are tired of being associated with the black diaspora problems. Some even said that the issues have nothing to do with Africans. Slavery, some state has nothing to do with them. Further, they argue that it happened such a long time ago and so has no contemporary relevance. They add that they cannot understand Blacks born in Europe, the Caribbean, and America bitterness and resentments.

They further argue that they have come to the U.K. and have acquired an education and taken advantage of the U.K.'s social welfare. They ask why can't the blacks and brown born in the U.K. use these to improve their lot. These new African Migrants aspire to make it to the top to emulate the white elite's values and lifestyles. One can see some of them in the United Kingdom Conservative party. Some of these black conservatives acquired education from private schools. Some are conservative because their religious values align with those of the conservative party and its members. They don't seek to change the status quo because this is what they aspire to.

My friend, who works in luxury goods informed me that the third-highest spenders in the U.K. are affluent Nigerians. In response to this, one can feel a sense of pride. Alternatively, one can ask why is there such substantial economic inequalities in Nigeria?

I understand the argument that Black Panther promotes Black Visibility in the genre of comic action movies. However, I find the whole premise of the story profoundly concerning.

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