Thank you for your ethereal sketch. I listened to your playlist it sent me on a trip.

Thinking out loud: a mind trip

I have lived, I have survived, I live to breathe, to see another day, to hopefully find another way, creation came out of chaos. I am sometimes lost, but I usually find a way. There have been heartbreaks, and I have been broken, but through all of this, I have grown. I have felt pain, but I now know the triggers, so I do my best avoid to walk away from the noise, those that seek to distract you and make you dance to their tune. If broken hearts was a physical wound, I would not be standing, but I live beyond these fears: those who have been wounded and seek to inflict their pain unto another. The word and world are beautiful. I leave to see beautiful skies, other days: sunrises and sunsets. These things I will not forget: so is life, so is the sublime. I am high listening to music: Cálico (Thomfjord Remix). It is sending my mind on a transcendental trip: dimensions unfold, there is purity, there is clarity, in the song. It takes me higher moving into other planes; this is sweet mediation, this is sweet release, take it to a crescendo, hoover, and remain on that plane.

Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)