Something Beautiful is Created (movements as shadow and light displaced in time)

© Photo by Dániel Göndör on Unspalash

You expressed yourself and something beautiful is created and experienced: staring at ripples on a pond. Your body immersed in a swimming pool, shadows and light, quantum shifts: the displacement of your weight in the water. The energy dispersed by an insect walking across the translucent surface membrane of still water. Me, looking at the lights of the buildings reflected in puddles on the pavement — the atmosphere: static electric. Phase shifting, contemplations, emotions as being just as tenuous and fragile.

The oak tree stands alone rooted to the ground. The seasons come and go, clouds scroll the sky, the stars and constellations change, green leaves turn to brown, the foliage metamorphoses: reflected by the changing hues. Still, it remains bedded to the same spot. And so, my admiration and awe for you will never change — salient moments of quiet contemplation.

The evenings I spent with you will forever remain embedded in my memory. There is a truth: passion and wonder in your words and observations — movements as shadows and light displaced in time.

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