Sadly, a change may be coming, but I hazard that it is not the one humanity needs. Yesterday, I was walking around the centre of London, and I was astounded by crowds mealing around doing nothing. They may not have the money to consume. However, they still desire to play out the desire: mindless zombies indeed. I, sadly, despair at humans. I was going to say humanity. However, this word is inappropriate in describing the behaviour of the masses. It appears that the populous have learnt nothing from the past few years.

I despair at climate change. The populous, (well at least in England), I believe, instinctively feel that humans can minimise the impact of climate change without a corresponding fundamental shift in their behaviours. We have seen politicians and celebrities expelling a lot of hot air in Glasgow the past few weeks. Society has reduced everything to soundbites and grandiose entertainment shows (Get me out of Planet Earth, well, at least for the Bezos of this world).

This morning I read on NPR that some Republicans in the States are calling for the burning of books on the experiences of racial and sexual minorities.

My colleagues advise me that the fight is over. One should capitulate and accept the system, (i.e. play the game as defined by the mass media, the populist movements and corporations). Some are distancing themselves from me in their quests for material gains. They don't want to be associated with the black lives matter movement, which they believe is detrimental to their career development. Well, we should adhere to the corporate interpretations.

Black lives, gender rights only matter when it sells or advances individual careers. These colleagues advised me that I should not voice my opinions and lived experiences because it may get back to existing or potential employers. One should instead accept your lot. These stance reminds me of the word of Franz Fanon who believed compromise was the stance of bourgeois elites who were interested in keeping their economic status.

Climate change, I believe, cannot be achieved within the system that brought it about. We will need divine intervention to save humans from themselves. Unfortunately, all those television series, the walking dead, are metaphors of our lives today. We are Zombies to Facebook, Twitter, to Governments, to Corporate ideologies. Our god is mindless consumerism.

Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)