Retainer Sacrifice

© BWA/RCN Collections

Too quick to fall on the sword, too quick to volunteer to be at the frontline, you stand proud fighting for a fable motherland. It is extremely rare for a white mother to give birth to a black child. You believe that your chivalry will be honoured that you will finally be seen as worthy. How many retainer sacrifices must you perform? They told you that this is a sign of barbarity, yet you keep on performing the same act over and over again, is this not a sign of madness? They honour the animals that carried them to their wars, your contribution is buried in the dirt. How many rituals must you undertake to prove that you are human just like them. Is it not time to stop paying penance for the crimes they have committed against us.

You believe that by wiping their soils, nursing their wounds, saving their lives that they will be grateful and see you as human, the mere fact you perform these acts reinforces their belief that this is all you are worthy of being. They are the ones after this is over who will claim that this land belongs to them and only them, you, forever resigned to be a foreigner residing in their land.

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