Old and Gay: Worn Out Old Boots

3 min readMay 29, 2024

Approach with caution; the following contains explicit words that may offend some.

Photo by the Author

I am past it. I need to understand,
No one desires you after you pass the age of forty.
Stop trying to stand on the stage because no one notices you.
In person, they are surprised at my age and tell me I look young for my age.

Maybe I should take advantage and lie about my age?
Why not? We all live a masquerade; life is a charade.
Come, let us all go to the cabaret, old chum.
Life is a cabaret, and so goes the song’s words from the musical performance.

It is all a song and dance, the little games we play.
What is a lie when we all live our truths?

Youth is worshipped on the scene, from the Greeks to now. These days, they call them twinks or young studs. My friend, who is in his late forties, calls me a daddy.

I see the young men write in their profiles that they are past the quarter age, whatever that means. Oh, the trauma of it all. Does it mean they label themselves as old by the age of thirty?

Well, there may be some truth in that; I look at their faces, and by the age of thirty, they have crab…




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