© Photo by Ruslan Zh on Unsplash

Were you embarrassed that you revealed your truth?

The fire was burning in your loins.

You spoke with molten tongue,

like a man possessed,

one who had been freed of his inhibitions — fly boy.

And, the flames ravaged your body — having descended and succumbed to primordial desires: you let your imagination soar — you — naked as the devil, dressed — as an angel.

You let yourself go and the wild waters flowed.

For once in your life, I believed you spoke your truth -

screaming through the night: a headlight blare in the dark.

You spoke about sucking the cum from each other’s mouth,

about falling from dark skies with no wings,

You, experiencing the ride of our life, composing dreams in flight,

taking each other high — from being inside.

You spoke of a divine rhythm and eulogised about the intoxicating power of a man loving a man.

Lost in each other thoughts, you came from reading my words.

You spoke about being lost, about finding salvation on the cross.

Your burden released, you reeled and spilled.

Sanjay was your name.

My words flowed like hot molasses down your thighs.

You flew — as high — and free — as a rainbow kite in a blue summer’s sky.

The sexual tension we created was as immense as the static, before the release of the deluge from a monsoon.

I saw you bathing naked in its squall, the daylight refracted from the water droplets clinging to your bronze skin.

Come the following day, I believe that you had re-evaluated our conversation — and — thus decided to crawl back into your skin. You blocked my profile. Through this act, I assumed that you are running from yourself. No longer wanting to see your truth, or were you the orchid becoming in the moonlight, only for one night.

Gone was the longing of pleasuring each other in the cinema, in the changing rooms, in the countryside, going out for Sunday lunch, gone was meeting each other after work.

Come September rain, the summer is now a distance memory receding into the twilights’ of yesterdays.

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