In Blue

2 min readApr 5, 2022

(Please, approach with caution, this is an erotic prose)

Photo by the Author

In the adrenaline rush, I am stripped of my flesh and bones, gripped in thoughts of you. Like the beauty of Joni Mitchell’s Blue and ‘the case of you’ of this, I am certain I could drink more. To wait, to taste and savour your liquor, mouth salivating at the thought of getting drunk from adorning and drinking in your beautiful body.

These days, I console myself by looking at your photographs, yet the feeling ceases to dissipate. I am still enthralled by you. I keep having flashbacks of me looking over the expanse of your sculpted back, and so the beautiful is cast.

I so long to taste the inside. Sometimes, I awake, and my mind drifts to thoughts of you. I whisper to myself how nice it would be to savour the scent of your body. It is an elixir that grips my mind blind.

Is there a more alluring aroma than the acerbic sweet scent of the body rested and fermented through the night. Hanging — a mist shrouds over the skin, infused, untainted by outside scents, just the pure essence of you. Even as I write these words, my stomach is injected with adrenaline, my head flooded with endorphins, the pressure upwelling against the inner lining of my skull. I become intoxicated at the thought of seeing and tasting your skin, kissing you from the top of your head, caressing the contours of your ears, probing into and tasting the canals, inhaling your breath, sucking your toes and licking the soles of your feet, devouring every part of your being. I impose no limits. My fingers, to feel and caress the texture of your sphincter to feel the warmth of being in you. For me, there is no taboo, no limits as long as we are safe and it imparts pleasures on to you and me. The two of us reeling in the cyclonic rapture of losing ourselves in the nucleus of our desires — there, we fuse and coalesce into one.

In thinking of you, I feel longing and happiness all simultaneously. The urge to be kneeling in front of your naked flesh…to wonder you…turquoise…the delight: knowing that you have touched me, I so want to find out more about you and wish you all the joy in the world.




Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)