I love your exploration of the intricacies of love, lust and desire. It is beautifully written and has a coherent narrative. However, I do not fully align with the theme of your argument; yes, love/lust does involve lying. However, one can derive love from knowledge, knowledge of the meaning of the text or a person. Knowledge is an alignment of the object and the self, and I believe it helps us grow.

One can revisit the text or person and find new hidden meanings and depth. As, for me, I try my best to be open, flaws and all. The perfection we seek, or we delude our selves to convey only leads to disappointment. It is the flaw expectation that I believe is to blame. Like the beautiful elixir promising eternal life, the beautifully packaged brand the ultimately leaves us unsatisfied. There is beauty in imperfection, the imperfection that is the reflection of our truth.

You are correct in your assertions. We create this false narrative of ourself. In the cold bright light, we then try to retract the story. I have learned from painful experience. I now try to be as honest as possible. Those who reject me, reject themselves, this may sound like the word of a narcissist. But alas, I don’t believe this to be so; this in itself may be self-effacing.

Again, how far can we take this argument, do we truly know ourselves? We are works in progress. I have undertaken counselling and therapy to get a better understanding of myself. I used this knowledge as a starting point. The mystery never ends because we are works evolving.

Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)