Hi Martin, I generally agree with your post and argument that people are not inherently bad. I would argue many are misinformed or have biases. As a black gay man, I have to day after day confront many peoples prejudices. I don't believe I approach people thinking that they are bad. However, the incidents of racism encountered is too frequent for one to ignore as just an aberration.

Further, one experiences what I would call intersectional prejudice, homophobia within certain sections of the black population, and racism in many white gays. I am not sure what is meant by the word bad, people having harmful intentions towards you? There is a wave of nationalism sweeping across many parts of the world. We risk sleepwalking into fascism. What label does one attach to those that demonise groups of people? Yes, the political elite is manipulating the populous. I try to have positive expectations of people, but boy, it isn't easy. Maybe, it is the media stoking fear or putting into people's minds the idea that there are bad people everywhere?

Just because one is blind to something does not mean that it does not exist. Your argument that those who voted for populist would help someone with a different political leaning is also relative. Yes, one can argue, different political leanings, if they are of the same racial tribe. Some people actively go out seeking to harm those that are different from them. Your argument can also be extended to those who deny that institutional and structural racism does not exist, as argued in Britain and the United States.

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