He was Born Out of Violence

2 min readJun 10, 2024
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

“take him”, she cried,
“I cannot look after him,”
In her plea, he felt a sense of glee,
he was going to England.
It was a land of dreams, or so he believed,
a faraway place where he was born,
a place they had presented to him as a mother.

He never dreamt that this day would come,
anyhow, not like this!
After, he had just witnessed hell.
He prevented the bottle from smashing into her face; things happened so fast that he hardly had time to catch his breath.
He defended a mother he never knew.
Abandoned as a child,
he was the reminder of why she had married this man.
Now he would be gone.
Now that the deed was done, she would not have to be reminded of him.
Abandon once, now twice.

First, he had to take him to the transvestites to check out his masculine credentials,
he had been been sexually assualted, one against four, but yet again, he had been blamed for not being enough of a man.
They looked at his face and then placed their hands under his chin. “He’s a nice boy,” they stated. He…




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