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  • Nick Wignall

    Nick Wignall

    Psychologist and blogger. I help people use psychology for meaningful personal growth: https://nickwignall.com

  • Edward Robson, PhD, MFA

    Edward Robson, PhD, MFA

    Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, learner. Buy me coffee: ko-fi.com/edrobson. ecrobson@gmail.com

  • Larry cynthia chimakalu

    Larry cynthia chimakalu

    writing is passion, which means I love writing, please follow back as I follow you

  • Clive Thompson

    Clive Thompson

    I write three times a week about tech, science, culture — and how those collide. Writer for NYT mag/Wired; author of “Coders” and “Smarter Than You Think”

  • Santo Evaristo Martins Mabiala

    Santo Evaristo Martins Mabiala

    Medium Biography Hello and welcome to my profile, my name is Santo Evaristo Martins Mabiala, I am Angolan born on February 4, 1999, in Luanda. HERE in my profil

  • Sonali Wagle

    Sonali Wagle

    Dr. Sonali Wagle is an HR, OD and Mindfulness practitioner specializing in Pāḷi Studies

  • Judilsom Information

    Judilsom Information

    So my name is Judilsom . I come from Angola, Angola is a country of central south Africa, the peoples speak portuguese.I like writ story amazing of the life.

  • Mpdoc


    Dr of medicine. Passionate about scientific research and philosophical pursuits. I admire creative people who are fighting today for a better tomorrow.

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