Exhausted until the last candle burns out

Monsterraat Catalonia © Photo by Amae

Exhausted until the last candle burns

the oxygen exhumed from the air

I cry in pain

You call me insane

because you know

I can’t breathe,

but I don’t think you care -

because — for you there is nobody there.

I drink the dirty water — trying to cleanse my soul, but my spirit grows old.

Dispirited the leaves wither in the heat -

waiting for your words: for you to acknowledge my pain.

See — it might as well rain until the ends of time, until the oceans dries and the ending of the tides:

you would have me sucking the raw lime for the dime,

for I am not deserving of living.

You say, blessed are the meek,

I, however, was not for this earth.

You promise me a kingdom come,

one that I will only access after my painful and untimely death, I am bereft: what is this heaven you promise me when you threat me like dirt and make this Earth a living hell. I curse — but you no hear me.

Where will I go?

When will salvation come, until his will done at the end of gun,

his children fall to ground.

Your religion justify my pain, for this is how it has been decreed by the Almighty.

We wade through the river of blood to get to the righteous one.

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