Emancipation (No longer willin’ to play your games)

Photo by Stephen Hickman on Unsplash


‘ am no longer afraid of looking in you in the eye.
Walked the miles
toiled the soil
from a child to a man.
‘ was your slave
servile for a while,
sang your songs
now I sing my own songs of liberation and freedom.
Bathing in the rain
called me insane,
electrocuted and hanged me,
say I was primitive of mind
one of a kind.
All the same,
played your games
of comme ci comme ca.
No longer,
now I am free.
The stranger,’
no longer are you pulling the string.
Found me a name.
Telling me how to think
no longer part of your scheme.
I am free, walking against the strain,
No longer playing your games.
Free in my race,
in your face,
free in my sexuality.
Living with ease
I can tease and smooth the groves as I please.
….No longer part of your conformity.
I am shaping my own reality.
No longer part of your depravity
of sexual objectification.
I can dream my own dream and
shape my heart.
Emancipation! oh yea,
hear the message, shout it loud and clear, have no fear.
Emancipation! oh yea,
hear the message, coming loud and clear.
I am touching the sky and reaching the highest high.
In wonder, whilst you plundered.
Free your mind,
freedoms here,
no more sorrow.
Shed your ploughs and seize the morrow.
Shout it loud and clear, emancipation!
Free your mind, hear the message
coming loud and clear.
Have no fear for
freedom is here.
So despised your lies, your strange guises,
excuses masquerading your lies.
Abused, I am chained no more.
Emancipation, let freedom reign, free the strain,
unbound the chain.
freedoms here.
Do what I please, do as please
Freedom is here, so have no fear.

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