Dark Musky Rooms

© Photo by Amae

With you, I want to be in a dark musty room, scene filtered in an amber glaze,

lying on a green velvet. Chaise Longue. the two of us

covered in an old musky woollen blanket. Listening to the drones of organs’ music, piano cords percolating and the piercing glacial sounds of angelic voices. Staring into each other eyes, smiling, playing and enjoying the atmosphere. I want to smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee.

The two of us nestling in each other’s arms. Outside, the weather be whatever it maybe, all that matters is you and me. Slipping across the textures of our skins, legs intertwined.

Heavy velvet curtains vertically cascade over windows, rays of light sneaking through the crevices at their sides, through which we view the excited dust particles.

Dream, dream away this day with me, see it through the sepia light that fills this room.

Vertical piles of paintings lie on the floor, we see the light reflected off the heavy golden leaf baroque frames. The Turkish rug on the floor with sun bleached faded colours, fibres tattered and worn at the edges. It matters not for they combine to create this rarify atmosphere.

Smell the lemon and. fern perfume, look at the polished wooden floor, patina at the borders, shining from the beeswax’s sheen.

Upon an antique round table, I see a dark blue heavy ceramic vase with fulsome red roses within.

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