Beautifully, written, every gay person should read these words. It should be on every gay dating profile. I can relate to what you have said. I carried a lot of hurt and pain, derived from rejection throughout my life. In many spheres of my life, I behaved in ways that resulted in me experiencing what I most feared: rejection. Rejection makes us question ourselves our values. How can you be your authentic self when you have to navigate a world with preconceived ideas of what and who you should be. It is not easy, but I have learnt to love and accept myself. We hurt and are in pain, but instead of supporting each other, we transfer our pain unto others. I feel anger when I see gay profiles stating ‘no crazies’; this communicates intolerance, self-hatred and lack of empathy for others and the self. Keep up the excellent work. So many of us are so afraid of revealing our pain — we instead hideaway, we hide away from the fear of rejection.

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