An Ode to my Longings

Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

Oh, this morning, I did reflect upon the morning star
awoken as the day was dawning.
If — I take time to contemplate stray conscious thoughts —
they waft like a refreshing breeze on sultry days.

Shall I distil the mind’s rumination and contemplations:
to crystallise thoughts?
For, it does not instantly construct objects from felt stimuli: to dwell upon immediate sensations.

From thinking about you, I deduced and felt warmth.
Tentatively, I sought to recall your appearance.
A quiet beauty thus ensued in my mind.

Harried, maybe it is something I hanker?
A slow hunger manifests —
Fleeting, oh, but a smile it did bring forth to my face, encompassing an image of you — thoughts, contemplations — ad infinitum
– grasping, tenuously, to solidify something concrete: be it the ephemeral.

An ode composed to my longings, jaded, I seek the comfort of a cool pillow to rest my weary head, for they are akin to felt emotion, my musing on you.

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