A Prayer For The HopeLess Sinners

3 min readJun 6, 2024

This was written out of frustration at a friend’s constant claim that God was in control of her life.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

God made you human
Then why not embrace this?
You apportion responsibility for your actions and inactions onto God.
You cry God will provide whilst sitting on your rawhide.

There are opportunities to improve your life, but you choose the easiest way out.
You pray, go to church, and engage in collective hysteria; this, you believe, will bring you closure.
And so you return with the bible in your hand but still empty-handed, leaving your soul wanting.

The only lives you enrich are the preacher, his lovers and his wife.
You say so is life; shrug your shoulders and leave it in the hands of the Lord.
I say, Lord, have mercy on you and not them. You gave them the ability to think, yet they leave their fortune to the whims of the wind.

Too many of us have been singing this tired old song for far too long
Using this as an excuse for our inaction,
In God, we seek salvation from ourselves and our duplicity.
We allow others to abuse us and use God as an excuse.




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