Embracing diversity does not apply solely to whites

Note: the following contains discussion of child sexual assault some readers may find traumatizing.

Franz Fanon believed compromise was the stance of bourgeois elites who were interested in keeping their economic status.

I recall an acquaintance asking me to give a presentation for black history month in the UK. …


To feel like a human being, a multidimensional living entity, breathing, with weight, gravity, and vitality. To feel density, a force, to feel whole, more than a hollow soul, someone with purpose and goals. To feel as intense as the furnace at the heart of the sun. …

It has me continually questioning myself and experiences, constantly interrogating my inferences, the nuances of my emotions: my existence and reasons for living.

“Are my experiences real?” “Or am I projecting?, I ask myself, is there a difference, a subtlety in meaning.

A friend once asked me, “why am I…

The Darwinian system of ‘Natural Selection’. Is man not part of nature? Reality is not something that happens. We actively create and propagate the framework within which some are advantaged and disadvantaged.

We subconsciously seek specific outcomes, sucking the marrow out of the bone until the soul is left desert…

Seduced by the handwritten text,
Here in words,
shining like diamonds and pearls
are voices seldom heard.
The multitude gathers but is blind to its existence.
Hence, there is no need to seek redemption, compensation, repatriation for those slain on the Atlantic slave trade.


Interested in people, nature, science and technology, and history. MSc in Research Methods (Birkbeck), MA Industrial Design (UAL)

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